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Help Page for Downloads from

To download an image from this website:

Gif and Jpeg files:

1) Link to the full size version of the image by clicking the image or clicking the corresponding Download Now link.
2) Once the image is displayed, right click over it and select "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As" from the pop up menu.
3) Navigate to where you want the file saved on your computer, and SAVE.

Files in zipped folders:
Some alphabets are available as zipped folders containing multiple image files. These zipped folders will need to be downloaded, then unzipped using a zip utility such as Winzip or CCZip. If you do not have a zip utility, download a free evaluation version of Winzip Here.

The approximate download times given are based on a standard 56k Modem connection.

Resizing the image to fit your desktop:
Most images will be proportioned to fit the proportions of standard computer screens (e.g. 800 pixels wide x 600 pixels high). Images should stay clear if stretched to fit the screen, e.g. when set as a wallpaper.
Square images often look best when centred on the desktop against a plain desktop colour.

Problems downloading from this website?.....
If you continue to experience problems downloading images from, please do email our technical team at, describing the problem and any error message that was displayed. Thank you.